Come as you are, we are all sinners in need of a Savior!

Mission Statement

We covenant one with another to seek and respond to the Word and the will of God. We purpose to walk together in the ways of the Lord, made known and to be made known to us. We hold it to be the mission of the Church to witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in all the world, while worshipping God, and striving for truth, justice, and peace. As did our fathers, we depend on the Holy Spirit to lead and empower us. We pray for the coming of the kingdom of God, and we look with faith toward the triumph of righteousness and eternal life.


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Have A Season of Love - Pastor Kevin

Message from the Pastor


     What I’m about to write to you this month has nothing to do with the weather.  It has to do with your spirituality.  In the book of Revelation 3: 15-16, Jesus tells us that we need to decide how serious we are about following Him.  He says to the church in Laodicea that it was neither cold nor hot, but rather lukewarm; and He would “spew them from His mouth”.

     In today’s society, we are finding more and more people who are lukewarm, at best, when it comes to their faith.  This means that they believe but are not “all in” when it comes to following Jesus.  Because they are not “all in” they find it hard to find peace in their lives.  They worry more about what the world thinks than what Jesus thinks.  They are more willing to sacrifice their time to things that don’t matter, than to give of their time to things that do (family, helping others, giving to those in need, reading their Bible, etc.)  They find it hard to speak to others about what Jesus has done in their lives, because there is a fear that they may offend someone in the process.  It is time for a change.

     Jesus wants us to be “hot” in following Him.  This doesn’t mean that you need to be a preacher or lead a church.  This means that your heart is devoted to doing what He wants you to do.  Live a life that glorifies Him.  When the occasion arises to tell someone about Him, do it.  Do not be afraid to talk about your faith.  Jesus tells us in the Gospel of Matthew 10: 32-33, “So everyone who acknowledges Me before men, I also will acknowledge before My Father who is in heaven; but whoever denies Me before men, I also will deny before My Father who is in heaven.”  Don’t be afraid to share Jesus with others.  You may not think that it will make any difference.  But your words may change someone’s life, maybe even save their life.

     My friends, if you were in a car accident, and a person pulled you from the burning vehicle; would you not tell everyone about this person?  Of course, you would, because the person saved your life.  Jesus has taken a beating, carried a wooden cross, been nailed to that cross, and died on that cross so that you and I could be saved from our sins and experience eternal life.  He has given everything to show you how much He loves you.  Tell others what He has done for you and become “hot” spiritually in your daily walk with Him.


                                                                        May God Bless You,

                                                                             Pastor Kevin