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Come as you are, we are all sinners in need of a Savior!

Mission Statement

We covenant one with another to seek and respond to the Word and the will of God. We purpose to walk together in the ways of the Lord, made known and to be made known to us. We hold it to be the mission of the Church to witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in all the world, while worshipping God, and striving for truth, justice, and peace. As did our fathers, we depend on the Holy Spirit to lead and empower us. We pray for the coming of the kingdom of God, and we look with faith toward the triumph of righteousness and eternal life.


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Sunday at 10:00am

A Good Walk - Rev. Fred Walthour

Message from the Pastor


Dear Religious Leaders,

     Over the past few months, God has placed it upon my heart to write these words and send it to the main-line denominations.  Please do not misconstrue my words as being written out of hate, or from some disgruntled Pastor, because neither of that could be further from the truth.  This letter is written out of love.  Love not in the human sense, but rather a Godly love; a love that knows no bounds.

     Our world in which we are living in, is a fallen world (which we all know).  Sin is running rampant throughout our world.  Things that are happening are very similar to the things that are written in the Old Testament.  If you look at the writings of Jeremiah and Ezekial, you will be able to see what I mean.  People have gone astray.  Everyone appears to be living their lives any way that they would like.  No one trusts anyone in authority, for they believe that they are either corrupt or have a hidden agenda.  Religious leaders have lost their focus of the Word of God and are being told to stop preaching some of God’s Word because it no longer fits today’s world, or it is too offensive.  Some are even manipulating God’s Word so that it fits the lifestyles of some people today.  Some Pastors have become fearful to preach the Word the way it is written for fear that they may lose some members or anger parts of society.  Therefore, they embrace the sin of the world instead of taking a Biblical stand against it.  They care more about the world’s opinion than doing what God has called them to do. 

     Because of the lack of Spiritual leadership, people are lost and truly do not know the way to Jesus.  They see their shepherd say that this is ok or that is ok because that is the interpretation or manipulation, from their Pastor, of God’s Word.  The flock will go where the shepherd leads, even if the shepherd leads them astray.  The question arises, “Why are the Pastors of today embracing sin instead of trying to lead people away from sin?  Why are we celebrating sin?  Because society thinks that it is, ok?”  Does the Bible not state, “My Brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.” (James 3:1) Why is this not taken seriously?  Has God changed?  Definitely not!  Has God’s Word changed?  Definitely not!  If sin is being embraced by the church, how can those who are living in sin know that what they are doing is wrong?  If the Blood of Jesus is not being preached, how can the sins of those coming to church to worship be washed away?  

     I wholeheartedly agree that Jesus loves all people, regardless of their sin.  I also agree that we are called to love all, just as Jesus loves us.  But I also agree with the teaching of Jesus regarding repentance from sin.  We are called to love the person, not the sin.  Why aren’t the religious leaders helping people turn from what the Bible refers to as abomination?  Why are they allowing sin to go unchecked in so many ways?  I agree that we all, “sin and fall short of the glory of the Lord” (Romans 3:23), and “while we were still sinners, Jesus died for us.” (Romans 5:8) However, should we not be leading people to the narrow gate?  (Matthew 7:13) This is truly what God has called us to do, but it appears that some are not taking their calling seriously.

     The people of today are hurting, broken, and confused, and who is to blame?  Some Pastors (trusted teachers or shepherds) are to blame.  We are told that “The word of the Lord remains forever.” (1 Peter 1:25) and “…the word of our God will stand forever.” (Revelation 22:13) Why is God’s Perfect Word being changed by imperfect people?  Is there no fear of God anymore? 


     Can the Spiritual leaders of today not see what is happening?  No, they cannot.  Satan has infiltrated the Churches, and blinded the leaders so they cannot see.  Not all leaders feel this way, however some are just as sickened and heartbroken by all of this as I am.  There are some leaders who fear “making waves” or speaking out against the sin in today’s Churches because of the persecution that will follow.  What needs to be understood is that man judges on earth only, and his judgment is temporary, but God judges eternally.  Eternity is too long to be wrong.  Please return to God’s Word and adhere to His Word.

     I pray that the words of this letter are words that will shake the Spirit that is within you.  I pray that your Spiritual fire is rekindled.  Do not turn from God, but rather turn to Him and beg for His forgiveness, and repent.  Love all people, but not the sin of the people. Do not manipulate His Word, because God will not be mocked.

  “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book; if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.”  (Revelation 22: 18-19 ESV) Are you willing to risk that?


May God Truly Speak to You,



Pastor Kevin L. Becker

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